Polipol Island, Bolinao


April 8, 2017.

Contents coming soon

I was looking at the map when I came accross this little “bump” just above Surip beach. It made me more curious so I checked web for images of Polipol Island. When I only saw a very few pictures of it, I knew I was going there.


The only reason I wouldn’t want to create a blog for Polipol is the fear of it becoming popular and be destroyed by people who are irresponsible with their garbages. Once this place becomes commercialized, less and less will be able to see this spectacle. That’ll be a shame.

Let’s educate ourselves to help preserve nature. Being mindful is the key, and it’s not difficult!

Now going back, there are several ways to reach Polipol. From a bus bound to Bolinao, drop off at Bolinao and ride a tricycle to Patar beach. At the beach, rent a boat going to Polipol and you’ll reach this eden.

I was alone when I got here. There were only a handful of people¬†around and most of them are locals. That’s rare for an April-beaching.



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