Umbrella Rocks, Agno (side trip)

As mentioned on my other blog about Agno, I was lucky enough to meet Mark who was so kind to bring me to the famous Umbrella Rocks of Agno! Yay!

It was still dark when we get there, the road was not paved with concrete yet and is bulky but the destination is rewarding.

See? It was still dark, I told you. My camera doesn’t take good pictures at dark hours. (Dang I should invest on a good one soon!)

I learned that the locals calls this place Sabangan  or Sabang Beach, and that on mornings, there were monkeys on the huge mountain-like rock that forages for food (actually stealing human food) every morning.


I was unfortunate for not meeting my relatives – kidding! But yeah, it would’ve been cool to see untamed and monkeys on their natural habitat, not inside metal bars or zoos. They may sill be asleep though as we were there around 5:20-6:30 in the morning.

In any case, at least nothing will take my attention to the rock formations. You’d think “oh okay, these are just rocks” but hey. When you see these giant mushroom-like rocks, you’ll get the feels of being in Precambian Erav. The sand is ash gray-dark gray. (Funny at the other side of the river at the back, the sand is cream white). Nature works wonders.



What to do?

  • Maybe wait for the monkeys to steal your food?
  • Photoshoot near the rock formations
  • Beach bumming
  • At night, star-gazing will be romantic as fvck.
  • Poke at the species you’ll find in the place – from poisonous crabs to large fishes to eels and oyster species.
  • practice photography here



There were available rooms and cottages along the beach side if you’d like to stay overnight. It would have been fun if I stayed and waited for the monkeys!


This is between 2-3-storeys high


And the coral beds and mini pools that is a “indicator” of Pangasinan beaches.


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