Polipol Island, Bolinao


April 8, 2017.

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I was looking at the map when I came accross this little “bump” just above Surip beach. It made me more curious so I checked web for images of Polipol Island. When I only saw a very few pictures of it, I knew I was going there.


The only reason I wouldn’t want to create a blog for Polipol is the fear of it becoming popular and be destroyed by people who are irresponsible with their garbages. Once this place becomes commercialized, less and less will be able to see this spectacle. That’ll be a shame.

Let’s educate ourselves to help preserve nature. Being mindful is the key, and it’s not difficult!

Now going back, there are several ways to reach Polipol. From a bus bound to Bolinao, drop off at Bolinao and ride a tricycle to Patar beach. At the beach, rent a boat going to Polipol and you’ll reach this eden.

I was alone when I got here. There were only a handful of people around and most of them are locals. That’s rare for an April-beaching.



Coral Beach Resort, Bolinao

April 8-9 2017.

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Summer is when people go out with their families in the Philippines. April is usually the peak of that family get togethers due to school break and lenten season. Thing is I just borrowed the word “Summer” but since we’re a tropical country, it’s called “dry/hot season” :).

I would normally not go on a trip during the hot seasons as my body can’t outlast it. I’m sensitive to light like a vampire. (Maybe I was one in my past life😰😰) . But anyways, I did as the available schedule falls on the month of April.

If you’ve read my other blogs, you’d probably get an idea that I love going to Pangasinan. First, I know I won’t get lost, and second the people are kind and can be trusted. (I feel like I’m an endorser now 😂). That is apart from the given fact that Pangasinan is blessed and fully endowed with beauty even a woman like me can’t have. (wtf?!)

It was a full moon April 8th when I went to Patar Beach. The plan was to iniatially visit Surip and Olanen. Olanen is like a fishing community and you won’t find much in there but boats and people. I rented a boat to Patar where I was assisted by 2 siblings.


See my side trip to Polipol Island here.

The are has changed. All of a sudden it’s become commercialized, crowded. I feel like I didn’t want to stay there the moment I landed to the area by boat.