Mapating Beach, Anilao

Want to go somewhere near yet unknown?


4/24/2016 – 3rd Stop

“Mapating” comes from the root word Pating which means “shark”. Adding the prefix “ma-“ may change its meaning to “full of sharks” or “has the quality of having sharks”. But don’t panic as there are no sharks – well I have not sighted any so you’re okay to party.

When the boatman said we’ll go next to Mapating Island, I found myself repeating the word. Not that I’m scared of sharks or what – in the first place I don’t know how to swim so there’s no reason I’ll go to the deeper parts – but it looks like I may have been full of wonder and excitement towards the possibility of seeing sharks. I’ve seen sharks in aquariums (hammerhead); saw their noses bruising due to bumping on the glass walls – I pity them. They should be free. So going back! It was named Mapating.

Disclaimer: This wasn’t the boat we used. Ours has no roof to protect us from the sun.

Here’s one that was described as “Caribbean Sea” by one of the 2 seafarers with us. He said as if  adoring the beauty of the place. He was a local, had seen lot’s of places, he’s been to several countries. To think that he’d still find this little island a paradise is really something.

I got the chance to get sand sample -again as a remembrance. I make sure to get only a small vial of it. I know I shouldn’t disrupt the natural ecosystem of the places I go to. What I’m taking is a part of the ocean; belongs to the ocean and the inhabitants of it. I am not sure if there were also people sacking sand to sell 30-50 kg of it for P50 like in Maricaban – hope there’s none. They may not have other means to live but I am hoping they’d  learn to take care of the planet that gives them something to live.


It’s a mixture of cream white and gray sand. I’m sure that my eyes saw speck of gray on the dry parts. It’s still white on the eyes anyways. Just go there for yourself and let me know if you see green or blue. I have never been a fan of gray sand but this one taught me it doesn’t diminish the beauty of God’s creation. Mapating Beach is   b r e a t h   t a k i n g. 🙂

And hey, it’s picture-worthy.

Southern part of the island with big rocks. They are pretty to look at though as they’re neatly arranged – naturally? That I’m not sure.
To the northern part is this picturesque view of the ocean. From the area where the boat landed, your eyes will be diverted to this area and you’ll be lured to ward to it’s direction.

From Anilao Port, you may ask your tour guide/boat man to drop you there.

Prices may range from 3000-5000. Equip yourselves with haggling skills!

Maricaban Island, Anilao


4/24/2016 –  2nd stop

If not because of the kindness of a stranger, we wouldn’t be able to reach this peaceful island. The island was all OURS that morning! 🙂 Again, this is one of the island we’ve been to in this one-day adventure. I work at night so my only awake-alert-alive day is Sunday and having too little time won’t stop my raging wanderlust! (chos)

The water is vivid and from this island, you can get a glimpse of Mindoro and Marinduque terrains.


This is our second stop, Maricaban (Marikaban) Island. This image features stone-like corals by the shore, while the area near our boat is pure white sand with speck of black and white pebbles. Believe me, being in this place is incomparable to this picture. You have to see it for yourself.

We hadn’t had the chance to explore the area nearby, but it is a huge island with many “baby caves” or Rock formations with formed tunnel-or-cave-like-indentations/clefts – WHATEVER! They all look like caves for me =P

And it sure is interesting to see thorn-y shrubs and trees growing near the area. (change topic) There are also I think pathways that will lead to the other side of the island. If not because of the heat and the little time we have, I’ll go and explore like Dora. Okay fine it’s not funny-that’s gonna be my last.

This is Kuya Dadie, roasting a freshly caught octopus for “pulutan“. It was caught by one of his fishermen who happened to pass by the island.
The short “inuman” (booze) session because it’s relaxing.

You can see in this picture how the ocean color varies as you look farther towards the horizon. I found this quality of the ocean lovely!

Much of the activities we did was just swim and relax. I have been starting this habit of bringing small vials whenever backpacking to get just a few sand samples and since I ran out of vials, I picked up this small cologne bottle I found washed ashore. A little act with huge effect in helping our ocean recuperate. (I will have to transfer it to a vial when I get home so my mementos are uniform! – O.C. me.) Then of course dispose the bottle to where it should be – waste segregation helps our planet!

There were many unpaired slippers washed along on the other side of the island and this in itself really emphasizes human impact on the degradation and destruction of nature. My friend tried to look for a matching pair of slippers like he’s going to find one – I thought this might be his way of beach-bumming *laughs*.

I am hoping to see this place, next time, on a much better state.

Renting a boat from Anilao to Maricaban(or to any island) will cost you 3500 – 5000 depending on 1.) the season-(I think)-and 2.) your bargaining skills 😛 I’ve seen posts where they were able to haggle the boat ride for 2500 (whoa!). But still, our trip was for FREE – fortunately! Kuya just happened to be here, he said he’s a seafarer (“Seaman”) and also does fishing business, he has 5 boats and a bunch of fishers. We found him working instead of resting. He said he will be off shore again in a few months. He offered us a ride and said we can just talk about “it” later on – I’m talking about the fee here okay?


How to get there?

When we got off the cab at JAM liner, sakto, the bus was about to depart. (I asked someone not knowing that was the bus driver!).Time check: 1AM.

  • From Buendia Ave., Ride JAM Liner bus going to Batangas. Ask conductor to drop you off at Diversion Road/Mabini. P157
  • Diversion Road to Anilao Port, P27 (The jeepney driver was kind enough to drop us right at Anilao Port.) Variation is Talaga Port
    • Anilao Port (where you can best view the sunset)
    • Talaga Port (where you can see the sun rise.)
  • Anilao Port – Maricaban, Rent a boat, price ranges from 2,500-5,000. that’s one way take note. I know you can haggle with some bangkeros for island tour. Some say you can hitch-ride with fishermen (so yes you’re travelling with the fishes) and just agree on how much you’d give. 🙂

Be sure to bring enough food and water and energy and camera and battery.